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Term Two - Do we need to explore?

This Terms Whole School Big Question is...


Why do Rights Exist


and Year Two are finding out

Do we Need to Explore?

This term all our learning will be based on our Big Question... Do we Need to Explore


We will be exploring the Rights of people through Black History Month. We will be finding out about the geography of the world.

We are also exploring the differences between Australia and the UK.  Finally through our Design and Technology lessons we will be discovering where our food comes from and asking 'if all the children in the world have the same right to food?'



We love to celebrate Home Learning, here's a menu of ideas to try at home!



We are learning about shapes (2d and 3d) , subtraction and multiplication.




We are exploring the book Welcome to learn about Rights and create an acrostic poem.  Then we will be using The Grumpalump to write postcards and finally we will be using the text Gorilla for setting descriptions. 



We will be continuing to learn about everyday materials and now carrying out investigations to find the most suitable materials for different tasks.




Exploring the Local Coast on an Open Top Bus!

Science - Every Materials - Testing strength and friction.

Maths - Shapes and counting in equal groups