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Tuesday 5th January

We would like to wish you a Happy New Year.

Please find below home learning tasks.  We hope you enjoy your learning today.  If you do any home learning please email your class teacher, via the emails below, so we can celebrate your learning!


Mr Jones: 


Mr Turner: rochester@bromstone.kent.sch,uk



Street Detectives Task:

Draw and label a design for your own fantasy home. What will your home be built from? How will you get in and out of your house? What will you have in your garden? Make a model of your fantasy house using junk materials.


English Task


We always love to share holiday news when we have returned to school.  Write and draw a picture of something you enjoyed over the festive break.



Maths Learning:

Recap your knowledge of Addition and Subtraction using the skills we have learnt in class. Click on the link below to open PDF PowerPoint. All you need is a pencil/pen and paper; Once you have finished, we would love to see your brilliant learning so please use the emails above to send pictures in!

Phonics Tasks