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VI/HI Resource Base

The Resource Base designation, supporting children with visual and hearing impairments, has been at Bromstone since Easter 2014. 

In our Ofsted inspection in March 2015 the provision for the VI and HI children was reported as good. It stated that these pupils make good progress 'Because the work set and the support provided are well suited to their specific needs. Pupils with hearing and visual impairments are fully included in lessons and the life of the school, and achieve well.'

We have many experienced staff who work with the children, including a level 2 BSL signer. We also have a Qualified Teacher for Visually Impaired and a Teacher of Deaf Children who come into school on a weekly basis to support the children and give advice to staff. In addition we have a Speech and Language Therapist who comes in fortnightly to support our hearing impaired children and a Mobility Officer from KAB (Kent Association for the Blind) who provides weekly mobility sessions for our visually impaired children.

Our VI and HI children are involved in every part of the curriculum and thrive on being part of a mainstream classroom. We are also fortunate enough to be able to provide horse riding sessions for these children as part of the curriculum.