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Year 3


Welcome to Year 3
Mercury and Sodium  Classes

with Mrs. Davies, Miss Towndrow, Mr Horne, Mr Bowley, Miss Field, Mrs Barnfield and Mrs Roberts.

Our overarching question for this term is 'Do you love where you live?' We will be looking at local Thanet history, visiting a local beach as part of Geography and exploring nature and seasonal foods around us.


We have been learning about Roman numerals this term!

Our text this term The Diary of a Killer Cat....we tried to figure out what was going to happen!

Science Week Term 6 - Plants - We've been learning about and experimenting with the parts of a plant.

RE Week Term 6 - We visited an Anglican church to look at its features and hear all about their practices

Science Week! We've been focusing on 'Forces, including magnets' for our science week this term! We've explored surfaces and how materials feel on different surfaces.

Maths in Year 3! We've been studying fractions, times tables (using arrays) and have been reminding ourselves of correct place value using dienes!

In English we've been reading Oliver Twist! We predicted the next part and acted it out, before using the characters to write a play script, which we rehearsed in groups!

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