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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4.


Our classes are Carbon and Iron



We are looking forward to a fun filled but hard working year.


Our topic for Term 5 is Traders and Raiders, we will be looking at the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings, where they came from and how they influenced Britain.  We will spend some time looking at life in a Viking settlement, life on a Viking longboat and what it actually meant to be a Viking.



In Literacy we will focus on narrative, particularly the structure of legendary tales.  We will be looking at a range of legends about King Arthur, the famous story of Beowulf and even the legend of Saint George and the Dragon. We shall also be revising spelling and grammar rules for year 4 writing and how we can take our writing to the next level.


Our focus in Numeracy this term will be the four operations, shapes and angles, time and developing our investigative skills.