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Year 6

Aluminium and Magnesium 

This term year 6 will be continuing to look at Tudor England.  Following our great success with our study of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, we will be immersing ourselves into the novel by Berlie Doherty called "Treason".   As a year group we will be exploring the concepts of family, conflict and betrayal.  The novel is full of rich writing opportunities. We will be writing in role, empathising with the thoughts and feelings of the main characters as they journey through the streets of Tudor England.


The SATs are moving ever closer and we will be working hard to prepare the children for the tests.  In numeracy the children will be working hard on their mental maths skills and multi step problem solving abilities. Our reading focus will continue with daily guided reading sessions where children can extend their understanding of inference and deduction and build upon their text marking skills.


Although it is a pressured time we will be working hard to build confidence and motivation and continue to deliver a creative curriculum , that all can access and a enjoy whilst fulfilling their full potential!


On the 19th November year 6 went to the Tower of London to see the "poppies". We had a great day as we also went on a boat trip up the Thames!