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Home Learning


If you are not at school, we know you will be keen to carry on your excellent learning!


Here you can find lots of links to websites, learning materials, topic work, phonics, maths and much more that is relevant for Year Two, Term 3.


We hope you enjoy your learning, be sure to send in photos and we can't wait to see you soon!

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Our topic this term is


Street Detectives!

Home Learning Tasks

This way or that way? Where should we go? Up to the local shops or down to the playing fields? Let’s learn about our local community, looking at houses old and new and finding out how our streets have changed since our mums and dads were young. Perhaps your granny or grandpa went to your school or maybe they worked in the baker’s shop? Make maps and plans of the streets around us, planning our routes. What can you see? What can we find? Whereabouts do you live? Do you know your address?

Dixie, Elberta, Kylie and Camilla all know you'll still be showing your super learning powers at home!

They will be checking out all of the photos you send in of your lovely home learning - and they might even leave you a comment! Which home learning power are you going to show? Who's your favourite?



Home Learning Ideas for Street Detectives!


Can you spell these Year 2 words? Practice them like we do in class: look, say, cover, write and check; bubble writing; with your other hand; as quick as possible.

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